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For the best chances of success, our digital forensic investigation should go beyond the employee’s devices and accounts. A complete investigation will include an examination of the employer’s computers/servers because this is where the evidence you are looking for most likely resides. In the cases where we have been granted forensic access to these resources, we often uncover a minefield of damaging evidence. From the employee’s perspective, filing a lawsuit against their employer can be a very intimidating process. Our investigation may help level the playing field by uncovering evidence that supports their case even if the evidence has been hidden or deleted.

Our digital investigation may uncover:

Smartphone and Tablet Forensics

Mobile device forensics offers an abundance of insight and evidence to your case. We support over 15,000 different models of smartphones and tablets.


Cloud and Social Media Forensics

In the future, digital investigations will depend on forensic access and analysis of cloud data more than any other data source including computers and phones.


Laptops and Personal Computer Forensics

Computer Evidence has been relied on in civil cases for a long time, however, the landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years. You need a digital forensic firm who can keep up with the rapid changes in technology.

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