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We Support Law Firms and Business Entities with Digital Forensic Investigations

We Offer a Phased Approach to Analysis and Reporting

The beginning or triage phase is executed in a way to provide an overall snapshot of the digital evidence related to the case. The goal of the triage phase is to find enough evidence to allow the requesting party to determine next steps as well as which sources of evidence to focus on. In many cases this phase allows the requesting party to obtain valuable insight into the strength of their case without committing to the cost of a full forensic examination of all available resources. After the initial phase, our investigators focus on the low hanging fruit and only resort to a deep dive analysis when necessary. Most cases can be resolved without a full forensic analysis of all available data stores which can be very costly.
Digital Evidence continues to prove its value in civil cases. The evidence we turn-up in a digital investigation is far more comprehensive than traditional grass-roots investigations. The two types of investigations should be coordinated and well-planned as early as possible. The evidence our team uncovers can make the difference between a substantial jury verdict and the dismissal of a case. In many cases were are able to recover deleted items or residue of deleted items. Deleted items are often very important in civil cases to support the legal “adverse inference” jury instruction.

Some situations where computer forensics are valuable include:


This office provides a no-cost consultation. If we cannot recover your data, there is no cost to you.

Smartphone and Tablet Forensics

Mobile device forensics offers an abundance of insight and evidence to your case. We support over 15,000 different models of smartphones and tablets.


Cloud and Social Media Forensics

In the future, digital investigations will depend on forensic access and analysis of cloud data more than any other data source including computers and phones.


Laptops and Personal Computer Forensics

Computer Evidence has been relied on in civil cases for a long time, however, the landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years. You need a digital forensic firm who can keep up with the rapid changes in technology.

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