The Digital Forensic Examiner performs a variety of highly technical procedures dealing with the collection, processing, preservation, analysis, and presentation of computer related evidence. The examiner is responsible for recovering information from computers, mobile devices, the cloud, social media and data storage devices. Computer Forensic Examiners use forensic tools and investigative methods to find specific electronic data, including internet use history, documents, emails, chat messages, images, and much more. This expert is not only proficient in the latest forensic response and analytics but is astute in the latest exploit methodologies.




This position requires 3+ years digital examination experience plus a bachelor’s degree, core certifications and training in digital forensics.


Core: 1) CFCE, CCE or CHFI and 2) EnCE or ACE and 3) CCME or SANS Mobile Certificate


Training: 1) Encase Level I, II and Advanced or CCE Course or CFCE Course and 2) Cellebrite CCLO and CCPA or SansFOR585 Advanced Smart Phone Forensics, and 3) 40 hours of JTAG Training.

Smartphone and Tablet Forensics

Mobile device forensics offers an abundance of insight and evidence to your case. We support over 15,000 different models of smartphones and tablets.


Cloud and Social Media Forensics

In the future, digital investigations will depend on forensic access and analysis of cloud data more than any other data source including computers and phones.


Laptops and Personal Computer Forensics

Computer Evidence has been relied on in civil cases for a long time, however, the landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years. You need a digital forensic firm who can keep up with the rapid changes in technology.

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